Bigger Dick Builds Confidence

Do you want some instant confidence? Then grow a bigger dick! Confidence is something that you just cannot fake. It is something that is as noticeable as a big pimple in the middle of your forehead, you simply cannot hide it. When a woman spots a confident man she is instantly intrigued and wants to find out where his confidence is coming from. More often than not, a man’s confidence is in direct relation with the fact that he has a big package. If you ever wanted to know the true secret on how to woo a woman, the simple solution is confidence.

Supercharge Your Jelqing Exercises

Women love confident men because a confident man is a byproduct of women. As much as a man would rather not admit it, the majority of our confidence comes from women. When a woman screams in pleasure during sex and tells you that you made her hear sirens, it is just what you needed to put a pep in your step all day long.

In retrospect, when a women tells you that size does not matter, you should  already know that she is just trying not to hurt your feelings; Size does matter. So if are walking without a pep in your step, a woman already suspects that you may be lacking something down there.

The truth is there is no reason why you should suffer from lack of confidence because you have small penis. This should not happen when there are several options to help you grow a bigger penis and deliver your lady the best sexual experienceI know the thought of going through penile enlargement surgery may be a scary thought, but this is not the only option. In fact, surgery should be your last option if you want a larger dick.

Natural Exercises For Growing A Bigger Dick

There are several ways to grow your dick naturally using some simple methods. One method that has been proven to work when you follow a daily rota is jelqing. Jelqing exercises is a process that helps increase the blood flow in the penis thus allowing it to grow.

The key to getting the best results with natural penis exercises is consistency. Just like  when working out any other other muscle in the body, you have to have a regular routine to start seeing some real results. The main problem people have with anything that has to be done regularly is time. That is where the Bathmate comes in handy.

The Bathmate is a dick pump that you can use while taking a shower or bath. This helps you kill two birds with one stone. Unlike traditional dick pumping equipment, the Bathmate utilizes water to help you grow a big cock more effectively. You can go to the how to use Bathmate Video to see it in action.

Growing A Bigger Dick With No Pills Video

How To Get A Bigger Dick Without Pills

Penis enlargement pills have been around for quite some time. Some of the more popular ones are Extendze and VigrX. These natural supplements have been advertised as having the ability to build blood flow to the corpus cavernosa which then increases penis size.

Extendze is probably the most known pill supplement. I guess it does not hurt to have porn legend Ron Jeremy as  the spokesperson. If you listen to the testimonials, it appears to have made a difference with many men. But the question is, Does Extendze work?

As with any other product, It is recommended that you do the research for yourself to find out the side effects of Extendze and VigrX or if they actually work. Being someone that has seen great success with the natural exercises (jelqing, Bathmate), I can only vouch for growing a bigger dick without pills; I myself have never ventured into pill supplements. With that being said, my recommendation for you if you are really interested in how to make your dick bigger is to go natural. By natural I mean penis exercises such as jelqing by hand or using the Bathmate Hydro Pump.

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Premature Ejaculation

All this talk about increasing the size of your johnson is all good, but what good is it if you don’t last? Premature ejaculation can be huge confident killer. Furthermore, if you can’t control cumming too early during sex, it can become a long term issue that can create performance anxiety. Fortunately, there are solutions that you can implement to make sure you last long enough for you and her to enjoy your bigger dick..

Kegel exercises builds another muscle that helps control premature ejaculations. These two exercises together can help you in growing a bigger penis that will not only provide you and your partner with more pleasure but also help you to last longer. After all what good is it if you grow a larger dick if you are still a two minute brother that is cumming too fast.

One last dick tip is eating the right foods that will help you to increase your libido. Foods also play a big role in your sexual confidence. That are foods that increase sex drive, blood flow to the penis and also increases energy. Good male health is mandatory for penis growth and function. Remember to take care of your penis by providing it with nutrition and exercise just like the body and watch your penis enlarge in no time.